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BodyFIX ® Enables accurate With a comprehensive choice of delivery systems, Elekta is the ideal partner for ensuring that each clinic and patient receives the best system and treatment for their needs. Learn more about our solutions below and how they can expand your clinical practice.

BodyFIX enables accurate, precise patient positioning and immobilization, facilitating successful imaging and treatment. The patented BodyFIX dual vacuum technology maximizes repositioning accuracy and intra-fraction patient stability by reducing Мost up-to-date information about the product could be found on the official Elekta website. Our goal is to create the most favorable technical and technological conditions for performing a first-class radiotherapy for patients. BodyFIX Setup Stereotaktisch Rahmenbasiert Patentierte Doppel-Vakuumtechnologie mit nicht-invasiven stereotaktischen Referenzierungsrahmen und Baseplatte für die extrakranielle Stereotaxie. ART.-NR.

Elekta bodyfix

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P10102-409. BF Independent Indexing CT Couch Adapter (set of 2) ART.-NR. P10102-408. BF Independent Indexing Linac Couch Conclusions The Elekta Synergy®, HexaPOD® and BodyFIX® systems are capable of localizing the patient to within 1 mm and 1°. For the setup verification images, BodyFIX Independent Indexing CT Couch Adapter (Set of 2) BodyFIX 14 Localizer Fiducial Set Aluminum Elekta Indexing Bar 14 Carbon (Set of 2) ART.-NR. P10107-609.

Elekta Studio* We are proud to present Elekta Studio – for you to unleash the full potential of interventional radiotherapy! Elekta Studio is a complete solution for contemporary radiation treatment. It provides you the images you needed for every step of the workflow. From insertion and planning to verification and treatment.

Breathing  20 juli 2005 — Vid sidan av positioneringssystemen kommer Elekta också att erbjuda MI's utrustning för patientfixering. BodyFix® från MI är t ex ett av de mest  20 juli 2005 — PRESSMEDDELANDE Stockholm den 20 juli 2005 Elekta, världsledande BodyFix® från MI är t ex ett av de mest pålitliga och fulländade  1 dec. 2005 — PRESSMEDDELANDE Stockholm den 1 december 2005 Elekta, av MIs övriga produkter såsom BodyFIX™ för exakt fixering av patienten  8 maj 2018 — Immobilization: BodyFix abdominal compressor, Elekta, diaphragm control, P10102-149, Restrict breath motion and organ/lesion motion. Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA) i kombination med en abdominal kompressionsanordning (BodyFIX styrmembran, Elekta) i 3-dimensionell läge med transaxiell  BodyFIX Stereotactic System with Localizer - The stereotactic localizer is used as a coordinate system for frame-based localization during imaging.

Elekta bodyfix

20 juli 2005 — PRESSMEDDELANDE Stockholm den 20 juli 2005 Elekta, världsledande BodyFix® från MI är t ex ett av de mest pålitliga och fulländade 

For non Elekta couchtops use with the BodyFIX 14 Base Plate Stereotactic STANDARD (2000 x 530 x 22 mm)) 2.

Elekta bodyfix

9 This 3D acquisition reconstructs as a CBCT scan immediately after completion of the treatment arc. (8) Thus, the specific aim of this study is to assess maximum kidney motion from 4D CT datasets and intrafraction target motion using kilovoltage cone‐beam computed tomography (kV‐CBCT) for patients immobilized in the BodyFIX system (Elekta AB, Stockholm, Sweden) with patient positioning corrected for both translational and rotational errors using a robotic couch in six degrees of freedom. All men were treated with SABR to a total dose of 30 Gy in three fractions for bone metastases and 35–40 Gy in five fractions for nodal metastases. All men were simulated supine and immobilized with an Elekta Bodyfix cradle (Elekta AB, Stockholm, Sweden). Planning CT scans were fused with PSMA‐PET/CT for target delineation. bilization was done with Elekta’s BodyFIX (78%), mask (13%), mask plus BodyFIX (5%), or other device (4%). On - line correction for set-up errors was performed using the robotic HexaPod (Elekta) with 6 degrees of freedom.
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Elekta bodyfix

Systeme von Elekta, Siemens  14. März 2019 2 Linearbeschleuniger Elekta Synergy mit Agility und Flattening Filter Free Option Bodyfix Lagerungssystem zur extrakraniellen Stereotaxie. 26 Nov 2014 vacuum immobilisation with an Elekta BodyFIX device (Elekta Medical Intelligence, Stockholm, Sweden) as previously published [14],[15].

Objective. This course provides applications training in the use of. 近年の高精度治療では、患者の動きや位置再現性が治療に おける重要な ファクターとなっています。ボディーフィックス は、 患者の高精度な『型』を 作成し、  C: In Elekta's BodyFIX system, a cover sheet [1] is placed over the patient after being positioned inside of the vacuum-lock bag [2] that was formed at the time of   25 Nov 2017 BodyFix & Gating.

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Reine stereotaktische Therapie (Bodyfix u.a.). • Reine Bildnavigation (cone-beam -CT, und CT-Gerät im Therapieraum. +. Systeme von Elekta, Siemens 

Intrafraction motion was retro- Precise patient positioning and immobilization Motion is a major cause of artifacts in modern imaging and errors in high-precision radiation therapy. BodyFIX enables accurate, precise patient positioning and immobilization, facilitating successful imaging and treatment.